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Bug#472090: tasksel: Lenny beta KDE cd installs both KDE and gnome desktops

reassign 472090 debian-cd

On Saturday 22 March 2008, stevef@doc.state.ok.us wrote:
> The lenny beta cd debian-testing-i386-kde-CD-1.iso by default installs
> both KDE and gnome. The extra packages prevents install compleating on 4
> GB hard drive. This is a regresion from ETCH where the "KDE" cd only
> installed KDE by default.

The structure of how the different desktop environments are selected was 
changed in tasksel, but the tools we use to generate the CD images had not 
yet been adjusted for that.

For the Beta 1 release you can work around this by booting the installer 
   install desktop=kde
or, for the xfce CD:
   install desktop=xfce

I have just fixed this for the weekly built images, so the next weekly build 
should work again and will now even allow selection of tasks when the KDE 
or Xfce CDs are used.


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