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Bug#444978: Debian instalation

Op 03-10-2007 om 13:51 schreef jecdiniz:
> During instalation, I choice the portuguese language and the type of 
> keyboard. Everyrthing normal and when the I get the CD-ROM item, I got the 
> problem. I able to boot the DVD but the problem occurs whem I try to 
> install trought  my DVD.  I have in my machine the Windows XP and I don't 
> have this problem. I saw the new release (release 1) of Etch 4 and my 
> version is old. I tryng to install the Debian Etch 4 release 0. Do you 
> think that the problem is this?

Please do check with a recent version and provide feedback.

Meanwhile is version Lenny Beta 1 available.
You find it under http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

The thing to check is if your CDROM is detected. So no need to do a
full re-install, just abort before something is written to disk. Your
feedback is important because you have access to the hardware where the
CDROM isn't seen.

Geert Stappers

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