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Bug#471501: Better syslog

Now with better syslog. In english and contains 

Get:226 http://apt-proxy lenny/main synaptic 0.61+b1 [2124kB]
        Err http://apt-proxy lenny/main synaptic 0.61+b1
I stopped and started apt-proxy before install. This way all files
were retrieved without errors and pretty fast. I tried this twice,
seems apt-proxy works if it is restarted just prior to installation.

To get the retreiving files to fail, I restarted apt-proxy in the
middle of the third install. Now syslog has those errors about not
being able to get files. 

I added set -x to pkgsel.postinst when installer showed "Partition
disks", in the "Write changes to disk" step. 

Tapio Lehtonen

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