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Bug#471501: More info, install in english

On Wednesday 19 March 2008, tale@debian.org wrote:
> Making the disk partitions manually is a bit tedious, because the
> GUI redraws the screen after each removed partition etc. At least on
> this machine it takes a bit of time to do these redraws, or whatever
> the instaler is doing.

Nothing much we can do about that. It's a known issue on slower systems. To 
improve it someone will have to dive into the innards of cdebconf and newt.

> The Select and install software -screen confused me previously. I have
> now figured out, that the progress bar is not measuring the number of
> files thus far retrieved. Perhaps this could be made more obvious to
> the user (who is confused by the progress bar showing about 25% and
> all files are retrieved) by using two progress bars, one for the
> complete retrieve, unpack, install and configure phase, and other for
> the currently running subphace, i.e. retrieving files.

Your suggestion is not really possible. We depend on the standard progress 
info provided by apt/aptitude for that.

> This second install seemed to go TILT when 774 files of 867 were
> retrieved. Nothing happened on the screen for about 15 minutes. I went
> and restarted apt-proxy. I don't know if apt-proxy was stuck,
> screensaver running on just movin the mouse woke installer up.

This time the syslog shows:
Mar 19 16:26:04 in-target: Failed to fetch 
Connection failed

There's also a huge load of:
Mar 19 15:58:03 in-target: Err http://apt-proxy lenny/main synaptic 0.61+b1
Mar 19 15:58:03 in-target:   Could not connect to apt-proxy:9999 
( - connect (111 Connection refused)

We've had complaints about installs not working with apt-proxy before. Our 
standpoint basically is that if there;s a problem, it's with apt-proxy and 
not with D-I as all we do is run apt-get and aptitude.

> I could not find Synaptic in the menus after booting to the installed
> system.

See above: synaptic was one of the packages that failed to be retrieved.

> I do not know at what step postinst is run. I added set -x when
> "Finish the installation" scree showed.

It is run during "select and install software", which means you added it too 
late (you basically added it when the installation was already completed). 
A good time to add it would be e.g. during partitioning.

As this means that the debug info I was looking for is not in the syslog, I 
still cannot tell why the installation does not fail.

> After the installation tasksel shows:
> * Desktop
>   Web server
> * Print server
>   DNS server
>   File server
> * Mail server
>   SQL database
> * Laptop
>   manual .....
> This looks strange, I have screenshot to prove I chose Desktop and
> Standard system only [taskel_first_0.png].

That's normal if the packages required for those tasks get pulled in as 
dependencies of other tasks.

> I used script to capture the aptitude run on console, file is
> first-boot.script

The uninstalls are a result of the software installation step failing (only 
being partially completed).

I strongly suspect that the base cause of both installation failures is the 
fact that you use apt-proxy and your proxy server fails halfway through the 
install. I would still be interested to see the debug log for the software 
selection step, but I think that your best option to get a successful 
installation is to not use the apt-proxy server during the installation.

Thanks for the additional feedback.


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