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Bug#471323: support powers of 1024 when parsing user input (kiB, MiB, ...)

tags 471323 - patch

On Monday 17 March 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> This patch allows partman to accept kiB / MiB / etc suffixes that
> represent powers of 1024.

The problem ATM is that some dialogs already take input in *iB without 
making it explicit. A related problem is probably that some utilities 
expect different units than others.

Note that multiplying by 1024 is completely wrong if an underlying utility 
already expects its input to be in *iB!

I personally also find the usage of *iB confusing. IMO we'd need to 
carefully explain what the units actually are.

Before a patch like this could even be considered, we'd have to
- check what type of units each utility expects
- decide how we want to communicate with users: in the units used by the
  underlying utilities, or in standardized units; the first would have
  the advantage that input matches manual setup and output in the syslog
- check what's needed to correctly display defaults
- and only _then_ make changes in the code

Because of these issues, I'm removing the patch tag.

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