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Bug#470061: network install starting from USB

> Yes, but the standard hd-media method is CD based. This should be clear from
> the installation guide.

First point : this is not clear.
The guide only mentions the general link :
and tells to read the MANIFEST file for more information.

Second point : in this MANIFEST file it is written :
"hd-media/boot.img.gz -- 256 mb image (compressed) for USB memory stick"

Maybe everything is clear to you, but think a minute about the newcomer who wants to make a network install from a USB key :
he carefully reads the "network install" page (http://www.debian.org/distrib/netinst) in which he is instructed to find the details in the MANIFEST file...

You can not honestly expect people to guess that hd-media/boot.img.gz can not be used for a USB memory stick network install...

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