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Bug#470522: Kernel oopses before installation on my T41

On Tuesday 11 March 2008, Frank Bauer wrote:
> The kernel oopses while loading the lenny beta1 installer.

This is almost certainly not an installer issue, but a kernel issue.

> While booting I can just quickly notice the kernel dump on the screen,
> which is immediately replaced by the first screen of the installer.
> Nothing works. The most I can do is to reboot with SysRq+B.

Please boot the installer with 'expert BOOT_DEBUG=3' that should probably 
give you the dump. Try taking a picture of it and see if you can still 
scroll back up for additional pictures.
When using BOOT_DEBUG=3 the installer should start a debug shell. Do you get 
that and is the shell usable?

If the laptop has a serial port, you can also try connecting it to another 
computer using a null-modem serial cable to get the boot log.


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