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Bug#470259: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Font size not reset when switching to English

clone 470259 -1
reassign -1 localechooser
retitle -1 localechooser: need to call gtk-set-font before displaying languagechooser/languagelist
reassign 470259 rootskel-gtk
rettitle 470259 rootskel-gtk: gtk-set-font should use debconf/language instead of debian-installer/language

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 12:10:41PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> For some languages the font size is increased in the graphical installer 
> after the language has been selected, and it should be changed back to the 
> default size when switching back to a language that does not need a larger 
> size.

We had quite a hard time to track down this bug.  It was actually caused
by two different things:
 - localechooser setting debconf/language back to english to display
   languagechooser/languagelist without calling gtk-set-font first;
 - gtk-set-font using debian-installer/language instead of
   debconf/language to get the current language.

The first issue did not show up before as, in Etch, the GTK+
configuration was reloaded at every db_go.  Now, it is only done when
the language changes.  Because gtk-set-font was not called before
displaying languagechooser/languagelist, the reload done after the
switch to English was still reading previous settings.

The second issue made gtk-set-font write the wrong information to the
GTK+ configuration file as only debconf/language was set in
localechooser before displaying languagechooser/languagelist.  It is
probably better for gtk-set-font to always use debconf/language as it is
the value used by cdebconf itself.

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