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Bug#469650: console-setup: [INTL:eu] debconf templates Basque translation

Quoting Piarres Beobide (pi+debian@beobide.net):
> Package: console-setup
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch l10n d-i
> Hi
> Attached console-setup debconf templates basque translation, please commit it.

You can....:-)

console-setup is maintained by the D-I team and lies in
packages/console-setup in D-I SVN.....

Its PO file is currently not aggregated in the D-I master files
because console-setup is not used in D-I, so translators have to work
on it separately....but still can commit updates themselves.

PS: don't forget updating debian/changelog as well (including the
needed "Closes" statement for this bug report)

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