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Bug#469670: not run early enough when in expert mode

tags 469670 wontfix

On Thursday 06 March 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> When in expert mode, localechooser is not run early enough, causing the
> first menu option to be displayed (global menu) not to be localised, even
> if locale was being preseeded.

As the main menu is the thing that _drives_ all other components, there is 
not really any way this can be fixed other than hardcoding localechooser as 
some kind of exception in main-menu to be run before the menu is displayed.

Given that localechooser is not included in all D-I initrds and given that 
this would go against the general philosophy of the installer and given 
that this could hinder debugging of localechooser, I don't think we want to 
do this.

Therefore tagging wontfix. Unless others disagree with this, this report can 
closed at some point in the future.


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