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Re: [RFC] Column alignment in debconf {multi,}selects, take 2

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 03:33:23AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > At some point, I was wondering if it would not be better just to drop
> > the whole directive idea and push '\t' forward again, but I have
> > actually an use-case for another directive related to "align" support:
> > ${!RIGHT_ALIGN}.  As you can see on the attached screenshot, partman's
> > choose_partition would be a little bit better if partition sizes were
> > right aligned.  Work stills need to be done, though.
> I guess that screenshot is with columns implemented, but not yet with the 
> right alignment, right?

Sorry if that was not clear enough.  So the screenshot is the screenshot
of a handmade revised version of the partman/choose_partition template,
available in cdebconf/src/test/align.templates.

After creating this template to see how it could look like, I have
noticed the alignment issue.  IMHO, having right alignment support is a
minor improvement over no alignment support, so I would prefer to get
alignment support in-tree first.

> One thing to keep in mind for implementing columns in partman's main screen 
> is that currently the content of columns may differ for different types of 
> partition tables. I noticed that myself on my sparc box when I had one disk 
> with msdos disklabel and another with sparc disklabel. May even still have 
> a screenshot of that around somewhere.
> They can also differ (I think) for things like LVM and RAID.
> Life is never easy :-/

Well… while trying to figure out where to put the needed ${!TAB} in
partman code I have discovered several things:
 - My previous implementation of directives would not work, as
   debconf_select currently relies on getting exactly one of the choice
   it had put in ${CHOICES} as the result.  Previously, I was expanding
   directives everywhere which would not have worked well with that.
 - debconf_select and ask_user do use several splitting tricks that
   could probably be removed in favor of using Choices-C instead.  The
   code would be *a lot* simplier and faster as well.
 - Putting columns properly will require quite a lot of work. :D

But anyway, I am not pushing changes in partman yet.  I do think there is
a little bit of restructuring needed first.

> Something to keep in mind for right aligning a column is to preserve correct 
> support for RTL scripts (e.g. Hebrew).

Thanks for reminding. :)

> Take the localechooser patch:
>               $translation = $name .
>                              (" " x (22 - length($name))).
> -			    "- $translation";
> +			    "\${!TAB}- $translation";
> What you do here is to keep the old spaces based alignment and add the tab 
> separator.

Indeed! :)

> IMO for really consistent tabs support this should be changed 
> to:
>               $translation = $name .
> -                            (" " x (22 - length($name))).
> -			    "- $translation";
> +			    "\${!TAB}- $translation";
> or even:
> -             $translation = $name .
> -                            (" " x (22 - length($name))).
> -			    "- $translation";
> +             $translation = $name\${!TAB}-\${!TAB}$translation";

Ok, local tree updated with your second proposal.  Here are screenshots
of the newt [1] and GTK+ [2] frontends.

I wonder if we should just not drop the dash completely: it just looks
like an inverted column separator, now that alignment is done
correctly. [3,4]

[1] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/localechooser-aligned-newt.png
[2] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/localechooser-aligned-gtk.png
[3] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/localechooser-aligned-no-dash-newt.png
[4] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/localechooser-aligned-no-dash-gtk.png

> In the current implementation adding a tab for the column for these 
> frontends is probably even wrong because you also leave the spaces: the tab 
> adds extra space.
> Also, tabs are possibly not the best option for alignment as their effect 
> very much depends on the starting column. I would think that padding with 
> spaces would be easier to implement.

I think you overlooked how the implementation works in the text or newt
frontend: the proposed patch is not using actually sending '\t' to any
terminals.  It is just using the character internally as the delimiter
for columns, like the GTK+ needs.  These delimiters are replaced by the
correct amount of spaces by strutl.c:stralign().

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