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Bug#468451: Installation Report for Testing that Failed.

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 29 February 2008, Robert Stryk wrote:
First attempt: Used expertgui. Network did not autoconfigure. Assigned
IP address. Computer became unresponsive at apt-configure (scan mirror).

Second attempt: Used expertgui. Network configured automatically.
apt-configure completed. Computer became unresponsive at Select and
Install Software. Did not appear to start this step.
The randomness of these errors make me suspect that there is a problem with 
your system, or possibly your network connection.

Third attempt: Used rescuegui. Network configured automatically. Select
and Install Software completed. Installation appeared to finish. Booted
up from hard disk. User name not accepted. Root password not accepted.
Used Shadow file in User setup.
An installation with 'rescue' is not intended to result in a bootable 
system. Please don't try random things without knowing why you're doing 


Thank you for replying.

The reason I used expertgui is because of the complete reporting of settings used, not because I am an expert.  Last year it was necessary to get PC-Chips Pentium - 200 Mhz machine working with some non-default settings.  This Pentium II - 450 Mhz did not require any modifications to the settings.

The network setup is complex.  The computer is connected to the basement router which connects to the upstairs router through a wireless link.  The upstairs router is the DHCP server.  This allows me to have the old computers downstairs.  I suspect the wireless link is not always reliable.  The Installer did not allow much time for the DHCP assignment to happen.

The failures during network access appear to be due to a lack of a timeout while waiting for a reply.  There is no option offered by the Installer to the user.  Rebooting and trying again appears to be the only way out.  Discouraging.

Thank you for expanding the documentation on the 'rescue' command.  Another sentence on the F4 page would be helpful.  I thought 'rescue' applied to aborted installations.  I have not found any other documentation.  I tried to do what I could with my limited (mis)understanding.

During the 10 hour wait for network downloading I discovered that the application I am interested in, PRIME95, can be run under stable Debian Linux.  Perhaps the stable installation will be within my capabilities.

  Bob Stryk

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