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Bug#468739: partman-crypto: unsafe_swap: code completely broken

Package: partman-crypto
Version: 12
Severity: important

The code below from partman-crypto/check.d/crypto_check_mountpoints can
result in the following error:
Mar  1 01:19:24 main-menu[857]: (process:10661): [:  
Mar  1 01:19:24 main-menu[857]: (process:10661): /boot: unknown operand 

                # Check 1 - Is cryptoroot possible?
                if [ $mnt = / ]; then

I saw this error only after adding a loop-AES random encrypted swap
partition in a test that already had a regular encrypted partition.

The problem is probably a bit earlier where the mountpoint is being
determined. Seems like it fails to allow for the case where a partition
does not have a mount point (as in the case of swap).

In general it seems that partman-crypto could do with some preventive
quoting of variables used in tests as obviously they _can_ (unexpectedly)
be empty.

This issue were found after investigating the errors in the log from
Tiago: http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2008/02/msg00865.html
AFAICT it is totally unrelated to the XFS issue that was the cause
of partman eventually failing.


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