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Re: Subject: Debian Installer Lenny Beta1: Status Update 3

On Sunday 24 February 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I've sent debian-installer package and I will now try to get it built
> for all arches as soon as possible so we can change dailies to use
> those images.

Just to keep people informed.

I've today uploaded a new version of d-i (on request of Otavio as he was 
struggling with a dead mainboard) to fix the build error for arm.

Before doing that, I reverted a commit by Stephen Marenka for m68k for two 
reasons. One is that his workaround would not result in working images and 
two is that I did not think the hack was suitable for official uploads. I 
later discussed it with Otavio and he told me that he would have done the 
same. See the commit message for details.

The upload has already been accepted thanks to elmo, so now it's up to the 
buildds again.


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