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RE: [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage (updated)

Looks nice Chris,

>From a hardware/bios designer perspective, I like this addition to the
memory test feature of Linux.
One suggestion/thought, should the Memory test feature be also
listed/grouped with it? (this may be a separate issue though)

Good work,

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From: Chris Lamb [mailto:chris@chris-lamb.co.uk] 
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 9:26 AM
To: debian-boot@lists.debian.org
Subject: [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage (updated)

Dear friends,

This is my updated patch to support a hardware burn-in stage in D-I by way
of enhancing the existing cpuburn package in Debian. Please refer to the
original thread for justification and discussion, etc.


This updated patch attempts to auto-detect the burn type to use, and
incorporates a number of suggestions made on the previous thread.

The patch is in three parts:

 1. Modifies cpuburn packaging to be more accomodating to another binary
    package. (This is mostly moving debian/foo -> debian/cpuburn.foo, etc.)
 2. Moves all patches from the .diff.gz to debian/patches and quilt. (This
    is completely optional and only required if building directly from the
    upstream tarball.)
 3. Adds the cpuburn-udeb package (the interesting bit)

By request, I have uploaded some screenshots and .deb packages for i386 and
amd64 here:


  1f913f2f249d61d8bc21bb8544a01f648e4b7826  cpuburn-udeb_1.4-27_amd64.udeb
  a5dad99399cf6638d35b280fd53027f6dca8bd83  cpuburn-udeb_1.4-27_i386.udeb

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