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Re: mklibs patches for cross environment

Joseph S. Myers wrote:


(note: I am not speaking for the team, but I know their ways pretty well. I also know how most people like to look at patches ;-) )

At CodeSourcery we're enhancing mklibs for use as a general-purpose tool for reducing shared libraries for root filesystems together with EGLIBC <http://www.eglibc.org/> in a cross-compilation environment. In the process we've added some features to mklibs useful in such an environment, and fixed a couple of bugs in mklibs-readelf. The patch is appended; if the new features aren't of interest because they aren't relevant to how Debian uses mklibs, we'll distribute the patch from the EGLIBC website, but I hope at least the mklibs-readelf bugfixes will be of use.

The features added are:

1. I think this patch should have been at least broken into 2 parts. Is highly probable that people would like to see at least the bugfix patch(es) first and then look at the feature parts. Also, is possible that reviewers might not review the patch on the grounds is a bundle, so they have to figure out which part is fixes and which part is feature addition.

2. Is probably best to send those two patches (the feature one built on top of the bugfix) to the BTS as a bug report against mklibs, so it doesn;t get lost.

The mklibs-readelf bugs fixed are:

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