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Re: [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage

Chris Lamb <chris@chris-lamb.co.uk> writes:

>> It could be safer to have it listed after Finish install and thus only
>> executable if selected from the menu (i.e. have a menu number greater
>> than 90000 (see [1]).
> I agree, yes. Is the target filesystems still mounted then? 

Frans idea is to have it bellow of finish install so in normal
installation it wouldn't install.  The user would then need to load it
and select the menu entry byhand.

If user selects (or runs, without selecting) finish install it ends
rebooting the system, like a normal installation does.

Doing it, would make difficult to force its run using presseding.

>> - I wonder if the CPU type could not be determined based on /proc/cpuinfo
>>   and options/defaults adjusted accordingly (with an "unrecognized" error
>>   dialog for unknown types); see for example [2]
> That would be possible.. However, do you still think it is necessary after
> my above comments? (If so, can I call on code you linked, or should I roll
> my own?)

I think it's useful to avoid questions to users and then or we're
conservative and choose one generic flavour or we try to detect it.

> I agree with and have applied your
>  * XB-Installer-Menu-Item > 90000 suggestion

While I agree with Frans on that, in some ways, I also think that some
people would like to preseed its run and maybe it could be done
just before finish install.

Frans, could you comment on it?

>> I'd also like to test the udeb before final approval.
> How would I help you do this? :)

It would be nice if you could send a new patch so we could build it
and give it a try easily.

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