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Re: [RFC] laptop-detect being installed just on useful architectures

On Friday 08 February 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I plan to commit this cuple of packages tomorrow, if noone objects, to
> address the laptop-detect issue.
> This changes laptop-detect from a dependency, on tasksel, to a
> recommendation and let d-i to install it. This way we avoid the
> changing of tasksel to architecture dependent package and solves the
> problem of getting laptop-detect installed on every arch.

1) You did not answer my question whether laptop-detect really supports
   sparc. If it does not, we should not install it there (and laptop-detect
   should not be built for sparc).
2) I think the log message for non-laptop arches is redundant.
3) The laptop test in tasksel should be modified to _first_ test whether
   laptop-detect exists or not. As it is now it will barf errors.

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