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Re: How to preseed install via pppoe (for A-DSL)?

On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 11:39:33PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:

First of all, I am very sorry for the big delay I have caused in this
topic.  I was not aware of your mail and that you are waiting for a
response since I have not read this list for quite a while (I thought
consensus was found since the patch was attached to the bug tracker.)

> On Monday 10 December 2007, Josef Wolf wrote:
> > IMHO, the setting in /etc/resolv.conf is mostly for convenience.  It
> > saves me some typing, that's all.  In contrast, the setting in /etc/hosts
> > is more important since it is needed to make "hostname -d" and
> > "hostname -f" work.
> Right. I'd forgotten about hosts.
> Could you try the attached patch to the postinst? I've also attached the 
> full file in case you can just copy it onto the system.
> This patch should make ppp-udeb generate the hosts file the same as netcfg 
> does for systems with dynamic IP.
> Please try with both a set and an empty domain name.

Works great for me.  I'd suggest one little change, though:


 echo -e "\tlocalhost.localdomain localhost" > /etc/hosts

instead of

 echo -e "\tlocalhost" > /etc/hosts

Thanks for your efforts and sorry for the delay!

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