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Re: No daily cd build

On Thursday 31 January 2008, Holger Wansing wrote:
> About 12 days ago, I changed some message strings according to
> dhcp-configuring network. The changings _are_transfered_ to the
> de.po file of netcfg package.
> But when I download todays daily build of d-i (businesscard or
> netinst), I see the old strings (tried with iso files from
> 20080131).

Nothing wrong. The last upload of netcfg was on Jan 14, so any changes made 
_after_ that date will not yet be included in current images.

You can easily check this yourself by looking at the changelog for a 
component, either on packages.d.o or in SVN. If you look at SVN, you need 
the date for the last entry that was uploaded to unstable (i.e. ignore the 
top entry if it says UNRELEASED).


P.S. The issue Geert mentioned has absolutely nothing to do with this, and 
was resolved about a week ago anyway.

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