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Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline

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Hello folks,

I've been working at migrations of packages for lenny and I think
we're more or less fine to define a timeline to the end of Febuary for
the release of Beta1.

This is going to be my first release as d-i RM and so I'm a bit
nervous and doing small mistakes (as everybody has probably noticed

There're few open questions that I'd like to discuss here before we
make it:

 - kernel to release

   We have 2.6.22 as a safe bed on lenny now and their udebs are there
   too however since EtchAndHalf intends to release with 2.6.24 and it
   has been uploaded to sid already I'm considering a better option to
   us to release with it.

   linux-2.6 has been built in all architectures and
   linux-modules-extra-2.6 has been fastly processed (thanks
   ftpmasters) and then we could manage to get a massbuild done in few
   days (+- 5 of febuary or even before). I've started to check the
   new modules and prepare the patches for kernel-wedge for it and
   hope to get it ready for tomorrow or so.

 - e2fsprogs inode size change

   Lastest release[1] changed the default inode size to 256
   bytes. This is not yet on lenny but is already available on sid and
   will hit lenny in few days.

   1. http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net/e2fsprogs-release.html#1.40.5

   Currently, there's a know problem with GRUB[2] and the safest solution
   is to change the current inode size back to 128 bytes using -I
   option of mke2fs for Beta1 release and then work on GRUB or GRUB2
   to support it for lenny Beta2 release with 256 bytes again.

   2. http://bugs.debian.org/463236

Please, I'd like to ask for comments on above points so we can decide
about the timeline.

The current timeline that looks sane is:

|Date     |What happens                                   |
|2/1/2007 |translation update request is send             |
|2/15/2007|mass upload of translation updates             |
|2/15/2007|kernel, modules and their udebs hitted testing |
|2/16/2007|mass migration of udebs                        |
|2/17/2007|debian-installer is uploaded                   |
|2/19/2007|daily images are changed to use lenny installer|
|2/21/2007|test of images starts                          |
|2/27/2007|final image builds                             |
|3/1/2007 |planned release date                           |

Obviously, to be able to get there, we all need to work together. This
means that d-i team, kernel team, release team, and package
maintainers of packages that builds udebs will need to work closely
those days and cooperate each other.

One thing that could delay whole release is the migration of xorg
package to testing. It needs to go otherwise we won't have desktop
installation properly working on Beta1 since we don't use discover1
and xresprobe for detection anymore.

I'm sure we all can do that and I'll do my best to work closely of you
all too.

What people say?

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