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Re: Please sync following udebs

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Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> writes:

>> e2fsprogs
> Not done
>> gnupg
> Not done

Right. I identified those too.

>> Following udebs need to be removed from testing:
>> firware-iwl3945-di
>> firware-iwl4965-di
> Yeah, I didn't remove those before because the source package is not in
> sync. Can't it be synced? Anyway, those two removed now.

Sure it can since it doesn't build udebs anymore.

Please RM team, could you drop firmware-nonfree from freeze list?

> For e2fsprogs also, a newer source package was uploaded before I had the
> chance to sync the testing udebs to unstable, to get that situation
> normal again it'd need to be hinted in again (if possible), resulting in
> 1.40.4-1 in testing (hm, I see that amd64 is lagging there, probably
> something wrong).

I've sent a mail to Ted asking him to check current FTBFS on 64bit
arches. I hope he does it in few days.

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