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On 22/01/2008, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <faw@funlabs.org> wrote:
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> On 22-01-2008 07:28, Diego de Soto wrote:
> > Hi Felipe,
> >
> > Is the following (with a specific subject line) acceptable?
> >
> > Package: installation-reports
> > Version: 4.0
> >
> > Boot method: <4.0 r1 "Etch" - Official i386 BC Binary - 1 20070820 -
> > 20:20 CD> Image version: <4.0 r1 "Etch" - Official i386 BC Binary - 1
> > 20070820 - 20:20 CD> Date: <14 Dec. 2007> Machine: <HP Pavilion
> > dv6519ea> Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 Memory: 1 GB RAM, 120 GB

>         Sorry, no.  The problem is not the subject line, is the
> structure, it should be well formatted, otherwise people will

To be clear on this, we are not saying that we don't want to help you
because your mail is not well formatted, but that is really hard to
try to read the text and try to make out the parts of the reports when
paragraphs are not separated from each other. The text is hard to
follow and that puts down people that can invest their own spare time
(remember we're all volunteers) in fixing issues that are easier to

So actually, we are asking you to do yourself a favour and try, at
least to format that mail so is readable without making an effort, so
we can help you :-) .

>         Your e-mail should be something like:
> [...]
> [O] Configure network
> [E] Detect CD
> [O] Load installer modules
> [...]
>         Instead of everything in the same line. The
> installation-report has a structure, we just need you keep that
> structure and take care for your e-mail client do not mess with
> it. Once you give us a clearer information about what happened,
> I'm sure people will look into it and try to help.

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