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Re: [RFC] Possibility for a beta release in Febuary

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> It was delayed because I could not upload apt-setup.
> I still think they should only be activated after some more people have 
> actually tried installing from multiple CDs and we know they are OK.
> So: please test!

Frankly, given the pretty low level of participation I've seen in
-boot in recent months, I somehow doubt that many will do the tests
you suggest.

And, anyway, given that your changes mostly add a feature rather than
modify an existing one and that we had no report about it to be
broken. Given also that *you* are well known for good testing, I'd vote
for activation.

OK, we're warned: there could be changes to strings. So, I won't whine
about them, promise made..:-)...

As two strings were just added to partman-target to deal with funky
choices by the users (good idea, btw), such as mounting /bin on a
separate FS....I think this is the perfect tim to activate the new
strings in apt-setup.


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