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Re: /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 01:42:54AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 14 January 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Monday 14 January 2008, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > > I noticed that the /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file that is on a system I
> > > installed with the daily lenny PowerPC netinst CD from a couple of days
> > > ago isn't the one that ships with the dhcp3-client package.

> > That is correct. The file is created by netcfg and later copied to the
> > target system.

> An alternative could of course be that we stop copying the file to the
> target system. We have been doing that since quite early; the commit that
> added it was:

> r17151 | jdthood-guest | 2004-06-25 17:47:17 +0200 (Fri, 25 Jun 2004) | 2 lines
> Do copy over dhclient.conf since dhclient doesn't support the /e/n/i hostname
> option to the dhcp method

> I have no idea what is meant by "the /e/n/i hostname option", but if the
> default configuration file installed by dhcp3 is guaranteed to be functional,
> maybe we should just use that for the installed system.

Um, indeed, since /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf is a conffile belonging to

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