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Re: [RFC] Possibility for a D-I beta release in Febuary

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):
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> Hello folks,
> I'm starting to get more free time to be able to work on Debian again
> and I'd like to discuss the possibility of we release a beta1 in late
> Fabuary.
> Bellow goes the proposed timeline.
> ,----[ Proposed timeline for beta1 release ]
> | Starts at:	2/1/2007
> | 
> | Date	What happens
> | 2/1/2007	string freeze starts

From the current state of development, the string freeze could even
start (softly) as of now.

That could be a soft string freeze where string changes are requested
to be coordinated with release managers and /me.

The hype among translators has slowed down a bit because of last
months less visible activity, so I need some time to wake them up and
push them a little in an attempt to reach completenes for at least
30-40 languages.

Current status:

22 complete languages
10 less than 10 strings to update
 6 updated since etch with between 10 and 40 strings to update
18 complete in Etch but not updated since
 2 still on their way to completion (am and ku)

I'm quite worried about those which had no update since Etch and I
fear some we discover some vanished translators in those.

Of course, as usual, translators will have /me jumping on their back
and I will indeed start no later than now.

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