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Commit access to d-i SVN


I am currently working on adding MIPS Malta support to d-i, and I will
have a few patches to commit.

Martin suggested me to get commit access:

12:13 < aurel32> ths: hi
12:13 < aurel32> ths: I have a first patch for d-i on Malta
12:13 < aurel32> http://temp.aurel32.net/d-i.malta.patch
12:15 < tbm> aurel32: looks ok, feel free to apply
12:15 < tbm> you'll also need a patch so the right kernel is installed
12:16 < aurel32> tbm: I don't have commit rights to d-i
12:16 < aurel32> that's why I am asking ths ;)
12:16 < aurel32> and for the other part, I have started to work on it, but I haven't finished yet
12:16 < tbm> I'd just ask for commit access :)
12:16 < aurel32> who should I ask?
12:17 < tbm> not sure; send an email to the list
12:17 < aurel32> ok, will do

Could somebody arrange that?


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