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Bug#457388: several disks

On 09/01/2008, Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl> wrote:
> If the computer really needs three Linux distrubutions,
> it might be an option to re-arrange distros on disks.
> To actual debug why the 200Gb PATA doesn't work,
> I would install Debian with it's kernel on another disk,
> one that boots. When it has been seen working,
> is the next step booting from the 200Gb PATA disk.
> At that point has special care be taken to make sure
> that disk /dev/sdX (or /dev/hdX) is the actual boot disk.
> So no BIOS tweaking.
> Cheers
> Geert Stappers

Thanks, I followed your advice and rearranged my different distro's on
my computer.

I do not really /need/ 3 different Linux distros but it is nice to
test some. and it is nice to have some spare Linux which is not
affected while something goes wrong. :-) ...

But the following caught my attention:

I have now Debian (already upgraded to sid) on the 250 SATA disk on
the place where Ubuntu 7.10 was installed and it did indeed boots. But
while in the installer i used partition 10 on the 200GB PATA disk as
swap space this swap space was not used when i got Debian up and
running. I found out that while the installer sees my disks as sda,
sdf and sdg (sdf and sdg for my 2 PATA disks), the kernel sees the 2
PATA disks as sdb and sdc ...

Anyway Debian runs again which made me happy. But still can see the messages:

PCI: BIOS Bug: MCFG area at f0000000 is not E820-reserved
PCI: Not using MMCONFIG.

Not sure what to think of this.


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