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Bug#449055: cdebconf: display corruption with multiselect over progress bar

On Friday 02 November 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
> Possibly this is not a cdebconf bug, but an issue in newt (or maybe even
> elsewhere). cdebconf seems most likely though.

I have just confirmed that the display corruption is _not_ a debconf bug, 
but is caused by xresprobe being run.

If I replace xresprobe by a simple shell script that produces identical 
output, the display corruption does not occur.
For reference, running xresprobe in VirtualBox on my system results in 
(first 3 lines have a trailing space):
disptype: crt

I will clone this BR to the X strike force, but also leave it against 
cdebconf (blocked by #430545) as a reminder of the issue.

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