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Re: What's happening with the 3.1r7 install iso?

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On Sunday 06 January 2008, Rick Thomas wrote:
> I hate to be a bore on this subject, but the Sarge 3.1r7 iso's still
> aren't available, as far as I can tell.  And no word from anyone as
> to what the hold up is.
> Can anybody enlighten me?

For future reference: that question is more appropriate for the debian-cd 
list than the debian-boot list.

Basically, CD images can only be built _after_ a release has happened.
The debian-cd team has concentrated first on the new Etch CDs.
Because of some hardware issues and people being less available or 
unavailable due to Christmas/New Year, this took some time.

The work on the Sarge images has now started and images have been build, but 
tests have shown an omission in the release process (new Installer images 
are not available in oldstable yet). This needs to be corrected and then 
images have to be rebuilt and tested again.
So, we'll probably need a couple more days.


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