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Bug#459321: debian-installer: Installer does not fix user error

reassign 459321 netcfg
retitle 459321 Please check the FQDN name for validity

Quoting Thorsten Haude (debian@thorstenhau.de):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> The insteller asked me to provide hostname and domain name. I entered 'tinkerbell' and '.yoo.local', respectively. The system then assumed my FQDN would be 'tinkerbell..yoo.local'.
> While the domain name I gave was wrong, it should be trivial for the installer to fix this.

Could be trivial, sure. Just needs someone to care about this and work
on a patch.

This might happen...or not: the d-i team manpower is currently pretty
low. We'll see..:-)

Thanks for your report: I reassign it to the specific D-I package
where this should be implemented.

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