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Bug#458663: Missing support for data.tar.bz2-based debs

On Friday 04 January 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> You have to add bandwidth to the equation.  I'd guess most setups can
> spare more CPU than bandwidth.  Anyway, it wouldn't be a problem if they
> can happen in parallel.

I don't agree. For people with limited bandwidth we have alternative 
installation methods.

I can tell significant differences between using gzip and bzip2 on several 
of the systems I use. So far I have seen no convincing arguments why we 
should slow down _all_ installations *and* increase the memory footprint of 
the installer for some completely unspecified size decrease of packages.

I can see why we'd want to suggest maintainers to use bzip2 compression for 
_some_ packages [1], I cannot see why we'd even want to move _all_ packages 
(including the base system) to use bzip2.

[1] Packages where the improved compression leads to significant relative 
_and_ absolute reduction of their size.

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