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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#458154: network-console: long time-out time during install

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#Op 02-01-2008 om 02:17 schreef Rick Thomas:
#> Maybe this could be set for installations?  It's not a good idea to set it
#> for the installed config file, for just the kind of security reasons Del
#> alludes to above.  But it could save some long-running installations on
#> difficult to access (physically) machines.
# Because I assume it doesn't harm to extend the time-out.
severity 458154 wishlist
Bug#458154: [NSLU2] ssh connection should not time out
Severity set to `wishlist' from `normal'

Please note: I was not able to recover "gracefully" from the timeout. Instead, I had to restart the installation (three separate times!) after reformatting the root partition. It is certainly possible I could have cleaned up a file or two with the installer console, but I didn't have the patience or the knowledge of the installer's internals to make that happen in a timely manner.

The embedded - or at least headless/no-console - nature of the NSLU2 means that the only way to perform the install is via ssh (or to completely build the target boot disk from another system). After a timeout, I would ssh back to "installer@myslug" and be given the option to pick up where I left off, but then I'd get told that there was an error. Thus there are at least two bugs here: 1) the ssh timeout during the install, which in turn shows 2) an error recovery glitch in the installer.

retitle 458154 network-console: long time-out time during install
Bug#458154: [NSLU2] ssh connection should not time out
Changed Bug title to `network-console: long time-out time during install' from `[NSLU2] ssh connection should not time out'.

Really? I think the prior title was more appropriate: during an install, the ssh connection should not time out.

tags 458154 -unreproducible
Bug#458154: network-console: long time-out time during install
Tags were: unreproducible
Tags removed: unreproducible

No, this was completely reproducible. It happened to me - identically - at least three times. It only stopped being a problem when I added this to my .ssh/config on the host I was using to connect to my slug:

   ServerAliveInterval 2

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