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Unwished changes to PO files

Dear Clytie,

Looking at one of your recent commits fo D-I level 1 master file, I
noticed the following changes, in addition to string updates:

> -#. Type: text
> -#. Description
> -#. :sl1:
> +#.Type: text
> +#.Description
> +#.:sl1:
>  #: ../main-menu.templates:4
>  msgid "Debian installer main menu"
>  msgstr "Trình đơn chính của bộ cài đặt Debian"

(OK, emacs broke the vietnamese characters, but that's not the point)

As you see, the space before "Type:", and similar comments, was

I assume this is done by the edition tool you're using, not
voluntarily by you, of course..:-)

This is slightly unfortunate as, these changes clutter the commit logs
and, moreover, they will be reverted by the next automated run of the
synchronization script.

These comments are generated by the po-debconf tools and have meaning
for it only so this is not really harmful....just annoying.

I wonder whether you could report this to the authors of your PO
edition tool so that they try to find a way to fix this. I anyway
think that tools messing up with comments by themselves are not really
having a correct behaviour.

Many thanks in advance.

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