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Bug#457973: debian installer (etch r1) on AMD Athlon XP 3200++

Op 02-01-2008 om 14:16 schreef Manfred Rebentisch:
> Is it ok to put a long report as attachement?

Euh, hard to say.

There is a technical size limit, but I don't known what that is.

And there is a personal limit, where I can speak only for myself.

Mostly is my limit lower as the technical one.

The annoying thing to me, are posting with untrimmed log files.
Those postings yield "here is my dump, now you dig through it".

Postings that say ( implicied or explicied ) 
  Find attached the _relevant parts_ of the logfiles
are the preferred ones.

So just post the (long?) report and see what happens.

Geert Stappers

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