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Bug#457901: Installation report - HP pavillion 2585ep

On Thursday 27 December 2007, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
> Comentários/Problemas:
> - On the initial screen of country selection pressing the 'p' key
> doesn't take me to countrys with names started with P. The keyboard
> it's disabled on that screen (tested 2 times).

Was this using the newt (textual) or the gtk (graphical) frontend?
I've just tried the newt frontend and there searching by first letter 
works fine.
With the graphical frontend, you first have to expand the correct 
continent _before_ text searching will work.

> - Wired network detected (sky2 module), wireless network not detected
> (ipw3945) - yes, i know firmware bla-bla ;-)

No comment ;-)

> - Resizing the original NTFS filesystem takes a long time, a progress
> bar would be nice so the user knows something it's happening and not
> stare , like me, to the screen.

Agreed. Implementing it is quite tricky though.

> - After clicking on "Finish partitioning and write changes to disk" the
> partitioning program appears in English (i was installing in PT) and

Could that just be due to not updated translation?

> instead of proceeding with the installation returns to same screen (a
> closed loop). The console on [Alt]+[F4] has a message "Unrecognized
> mount option "realtime" or missing value" (i was using relatime,
> indeed). On the same screen there is also some warnings
> gdk_window_set_keep_above() and ...below() not implemented. After
> removing the relatime option and tried again the partitioning the same
> happened.

This is probably because we have not added relatime support yet, although 
there is a BR open about it already.
However, it should not fail like you describe. I'll try to look into that.

> - On 1st boot (another attempt) the keyboard did not corresponded to
> Portuguese, after manually installation of console-setup everything was
> fixed

This issue was already fixed by Otavio a few days ago.

Thanks for the report.


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