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Re: How to preconfigure debconf values?

Op 22-12-2007 om 12:19 schreef Josef Wolf:
> Hello.


>   sudo chroot etch/target apt-get update
>   sudo chroot etch/target apt-get dist-upgrade -y
> That was almost straight-forward so far.  But now I'm somewhat stuck.
> I'd like to preconfigure debconf.  Something like
>   debconf-preconfigure time/zone Europe/Berlin
>   apt-get install tzdata
> But I just can't figure out from debconf documentation how to do that.
> The closest I could find is dpkg-preconfigure.  But this requires to
> download the packages before letting them to be preconfigured.  I'd
> rather have something like the d-i preseed mechanism.
> Any hints?

  echo 'tzdata time/zone Europe/Berlin' | \
  sudo chroot etch/target debconf-set-selections           
  apt-get install tzdata

Geert Stappers,
just providing a hint (meaning it is not tested ... )

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