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Re: r50470 - trunk/packages/kbd-chooser/debian

Frans Pop wrote:
> Log:
> After recent changes in apt-install, we need to tell console-data not to
> display its keymap/policy question when it is being installed during a D-I
> installation. console-data (>= 2:1.04-2) will check for the existence of
> the file /tmp/debian-installer/keymap-policy-default to suppress the
> question; create that file in /target before calling apt-install.

How was this value chosen? I don't feel that relying on files in /tmp is
a good or safe thing. Any user could create that file if they wanted to
mess with the console-data install (post-di). While the actual
exploitability value seems nil, using files in /tmp for communication is
not a good idea.

see shy jo

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