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Bug#455980: anna: Complains dependency is not available even when already installed

Frans Pop wrote:
> anna should probably check the status of a package before looking for it in 
> the repository.

anna does of course consider package status:

        for (node = (*packages)->list.head; node; node = node->next) {
                package = node->data;

                package->status_want = di_package_status_want_deinstall;

                if (package->type != di_package_type_real_package)
                if (is_installed(package, status))

I suspect the log message is triggered here:

        di_system_packages_resolve_dependencies_mark_anna(*packages, subarchitecture, running_kernel);

Or somewhere similar, where libd-i is asked to do dep resolution on
the repository's package list, and doesn't have a data structure for
package status.

> Possibly also some process (at D-I image build time?) should change the 
> status of udebs from "unpacked" to "installed", but only for those that 
> don't have a menu item (or don't have a postinst maybe?).

That shouldn't be necessary, packages are changed from unpackaged to
installed when udpkg configures them. Any package that's a dependency of
a menu entry should have that happen when the menu entry is run. Any
package that isn't a dependency of a menu entry, it doesn't matter what
the status is.

see shy jo

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