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Bug#454493: Display PCI slot for nics, if available

On Wednesday 05 December 2007, dann frazier wrote:
> This patch to hw-detect adds slot information, if available, to the
> network device name. Its not uncommon for HP (or our customers) to
> have systems with many network devices, and knowing the physical slot
> number of an adapter makes configuration that much easier.

I have several reservations against this patch:
- to have it work for all installation methods you'd need to to include
  this acpi module (and others?) in initrds, which is something we don't
  do lightly [1]
- the "slot" indication is not translatable in the current patch
- the descriptions are already quite long and this will truncate some of
  them even more than they already are
- I'm not sure that as a user it would be clear to me what exactly a Slot
  is in this context
- looking at your screenshot it does not seem to add all that much
  identification as there are still several NICs with identical slots
- it seems only a partial solution as not all NICs will be get a slot
- I'm not sure that it makes sense to print slot if it's the only

We've had other requests to provide additional identification of NICs (see 
#450605 and merged BRs) and so far we (or at least I) have been thinking of 
some way to display the MAC address, possibly by allowing to switch between 
display of the current descriptions and MAC address.

For me at least making the slot identification translatable (which is not 
that hard) would be a blocker for acceptance of this patch.

On Thursday 06 December 2007, dann frazier wrote:
> I believe that currently the only way to know if a machine supports
> acpiphp is to load it. This seems to match up pretty well with my
> observations of other acpi drivers. acpid seems to take ownership of
> loading acpi modules like battery, fan, thermal, etc - it simply
> modprobes them and lets the driver do the discovery. Maybe it should
> also be loading acpiphp? Perhaps.
> Does d-i do anything wrt loading acpi drivers today (other than
> installing acpid into the target)?

For x86 some acpi modules are available during install and are loaded 
(thermal, fan and processor). For powerpc some drivers are loaded for some 
systems to avoid the fans running wild.

See in rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer-startup.d:
S05acpi-linux-x86, S05fancontrol-linux-powerpc


[1] As a porter you have of course quite considerable freedom to decide what 
to include in initrds for "your" arches.

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