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Re: Refactoring commit_changes in partman

On Monday 03 December 2007, Max Vozeler wrote:
> I've carefully gone through them and noted the differences,
> hoping to replace them all with a common commit_changes in
> partman-base/definition.sh

I agree that factoring this out makes sense. I've looked over your patch and 
the thorough analysis and can't see any holes in it.

Have you done any testing with the new code? Would be great if you could do 
that before committing.

> The only problem I see is that it is not possible to
> add a versioned depends on -base (>= 113) in -partitioning,
> because -base depends on -partitioning and this would
> introduce a circular dependency.

I don't think a circular dependency would do any harm in this case. Suggest 
you just add it.

Some nitpicks.

The changelog entry for partman-base could be a bit more elaborate IMO and 
should include an explanation why the function was added.

I'd also change the changelog entries for the other udebs. Something like:
* Code to commit changes factored out to new function commit_changes in
  definitions.sh. Requires partman-base (>= 113).


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