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After installation system fails to boot



I have been through the entire installation process twice to see if I could end up with a bootable installation.


The GRUB boot loader installs by default. I select to install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record. The installation reports at completion that it will boot into the new system I have just installed.


However when the system reboots it reports the error 'Primary master hard disk fail'.

I am at my wits end. The standard installation process has failed!!


Not being a Linux guru I would really appreciate some specific pointers as to how to sort this problem out.


I looked at 'rescue' and I see that I can shell into my installation but what to check and what to do to sort this out???


Furthermore as the BIOS reports the presence of a Primary Master I assume that my HD is OK, especially as it is a totally new replacement drive.




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