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Bug#450822: base-installer: kernel installation fails if run twice

Package: base-installer
Severity: minor

This is actually an issue in/with kernel-package, but we may need/want to 
work around it in base-installer.

Suppose base-installer has already been run, but we start it again, 
accepting the fact that target is non-clean.

When a kernel image package is installed for a kernel that is already 
installed, kernel-package will show a dialog warning that the module 
directory already exists. It asks whether it should stop, with a default of 
Because the default is true and base-installer is working non-interactive, 
the kernel install gets aborted and base-installer fails.

The template is named:

Complication is of course that in most cases we're installing the 
linux-image-2.6 meta package and not the package with the actual kernel.

Hmmm. This issue should solve itself with my multi CD changes as that will 
make apt-install interactive and will thus just show the dialog :-)

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