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Bug#450777: tasksel: Tasksel uninstalls packages without asking

Nis Martensen wrote:
> Tasksel had "Print Server", "File Server", and "Mail server" selected.
> Since there was no such task that I was looking for, I deselected the
> above

I'm not sure why it wasn't clear to you that it had these selected since
it detected you already had those tasks installed, and that when you
de-selected them, it went on to remove them. This is the same as
de-selecting a selected package in some other package manager, except
unlike packages, tasks can be partially installed.

> set of packages being installed. This is why I deselected them. And I
> expected "manual package selection" to use the currently installed
> package set as a base and just start aptitude.

There is no way to start aptitude interactively and at the same time
tell it to remove some tasks, so tasksel has to run aptitude twice when
you tell it to do both things.

The best way to remove this point of confusion from tasksel would
probably be to remove the interactive option entirely, which is probably
a good idea anyway, since it cannot be used from within the installer.

see shy jo

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