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Re: [PATCH] cancellable apt-setup with progress display

On Friday 02 November 2007, Joey Hess wrote:
> * Needs svn debconf, which I won't upload for at least another 4 days,
>   since Frans's patch needs unstable debconf to propigate testing.

Or upload with medium prio? Unless new changes are somewhat experimental of 

Also, I want to wait for apt 0.7.9 (2 days old; + reverse dependencies) to 
migrate too as that fixes 2 minor bugs in apt-cdrom Otavio responded very 
quickly too which means that I can remove 2 ugly workarounds from my new 
So I expect debconf to have plenty of time...

I plan to commit my patches tomorrow after a bit more testing, upload pkgsel 
at once and upload di-utils and apt-setup after apt/debconf migrate.

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