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Bug#417407: installing to a box with suspended system

On 31/10/2007, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 October 2007, Michal Suchanek wrote:
> > I tried to use the installer on a box which had a Linux system
> > suspended on one disk. As I noticed that os-prober mounts the
> > partitions I did not try to resume.
> > According to the software suspend documentation this could cause
> > serious data loss, especially since the filesystem loses consistency
> > while *mounted*.

> I also think that trying to do an installation on a system that has an OS in
> suspended state is not very smart. _Any_ installation of an OS is
> inherently risky as you can never be sure exactly what changes it may make
> on disk. Compounding that risk by having operating systems suspended is
> something you should know to avoid as a user.
> We could add a warning about that in the installation guide, but I don't
> think there is much more that we can do than that. I would personally
> qualify any data loss resulting from that as being caused by "user error".

I have to agree with Frans on this, by definition a new installation
can even result in data loss and making backups is advised. I would
say that leaving a system in a suspended state fails from the
beginning in the area of "did not do a backup as you were advised".

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