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Re: [RFC] Support for using multiple CDs during installation

Frans Pop wrote:
> What's the reason we made apt-install non-interactive? Was it just that we 
> did not have the passthrough frontend at the time? If so, I guess we should 
> probably just make apt-install interactive in all cases.

Both that we lacked working passthrough, and that none of these packages
have any business in asking questions at install time.

We should keep it consistent, and file bugs on any packages that ask
questions, even more aggressively than we file bugs on unncessary
questions from task packages.

> +	in-target sh -c "$config debconf-apt-progress --logstderr -- apt-get -o APT::Install-Recommends=false -y --no-remove install $packages" || ERRCODE=$?

This resets the progress bar to 0, advances it to 100, and then STOPs
it, which is not desirable if there is already a progress bar.. See my
other mail about that.

see shy jo

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