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Re: [RFC] Support for using multiple CDs during installation

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 25 October 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
> > The prompt for CD changing works during pkgsel, but apparently not for a
> > normal apt-install. During initial tests, installation of grub failed
> > because CD2 was still mounted and I never got the prompt to change CDs.
> > This is worked around by making sure CD1 is installed again, but if any
> > packages from other CDs are needed for whatever reason _after_ pkgsel,
> > the installation will hang for the same reason.
> > I've not really looked yet at why this does not work.
> It looks like this could be fixed by (conditionally) making apt-setup use 
> debconf-apt-progress.
> > - if a CD change is needed to install a package _after_ pkgsel, this will
> >   fail because the CD is mounted in the D-I environment (the CD drive is
> >   locked)
> With the above implemented, this could be worked around by making apt-setup 
> umount the CD in the D-I environment and making it reload the installation 
> CD again before exiting (just like pkgsel now does).

ITYM apt-install, not apt-setup?

see shy jo

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