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Re: Strange installation order

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I just had a rather strange experience installing a daily image on a
> NSLU2 (ARM). I did the usual steps of choosing the mirror, (in lowmem
> level 2) choosing the udebs, partitioning, installing the base system.
> When it was done installing the base system, I noticed that
> flash-kernel-installer was running - a step that normally runs right
> at the end.  After flash-kernel-installer, it suddenly presented me
> with localechooser. lowmem removed the logs and then I got
> clock-setup, user-setup, apt-setup, pkgsel.

I suspect the changes in main-menu since Etch to be the cause of this.
Possibly because they keep state internally and do not allow for switching
to network-console for part of the installation.

Suggest you try a custom installer with Etch's main-menu to see if that
fixes it. If it does, a serious BR against main-menu would be in order.


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