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Re: Debian Installation upon an Alpha Server 4000 5/400

On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 11:44:16PM -0400, Robert Garron wrote:
> The issue is booting Debian Disk1 KDE on an Alpha Server 4000 5/400 
> system -- after many iterations and contortions with different Ultra Wide 
> Differential SCSI controllers -- I was able to utilize an Adaptec 
> AHA-2944UW controller card to have Debian locate a disk and complete a full 
> installation 99% successfully.
> The last 1% is the booting of the formated, file system created, installed 
> Debian system which does NOT boot with the AHA-2944UW controller because 
> the driver for this card is in the distribution and thus found a disk 
> during the cdrom boot process, but the Alpha BIOS does NOT know about this 
> card so any "auto" boot sequence is out of the question... So reporting to 
> Debian my experience(s) is that:
> *** the Adaptec AHA-2944UW - ultra wide differential scsi card is NOT 
> supported in the BIOS of Alpha Server 4000 and 4100's

I know nothing about Alphas, so my questions will be of generic
how-to-get-the-beast-to-boot nature rather than 'ideally...'.

What hardware do you have that the bios will boot?  Does the box have a
floppy or CD that will boot?  Will a grub-disk of some sort work?  Can
you make a boot CD with a boot-loader and kernel that then points to the
root directory on the hard drive?  What about net-booting?


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